The Kill Light (GREEN LED'S) Portable Hog Light System With Built In Photocell

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Several years of testing, research and development have finally brought us the ultimate, affordable and portable feeder light for night time hog hunting or game observation!  Utilizing a built in dusk til dawn sensor the light can be self powered for several nights by either 4 C batteries (not included) or by using the built in auxiliary power jack with included power cord for attaching to a 6 or 12 volt feeder battery or even a full size car or marine battery to power the 24 special green LED's that will not spook game animals, pests and varmints! This light will automatically come on at dark and turn back off at sunrise. Quickly and Easily attaches one of three ways (1) Magnetically to your corn feeder's barrel or control unit (2) Can be hung with the 3 included quick disconnect clamps to your corn feeder's varmint cage, tree limb, ect. (3) Permanently mount it with the 3 included self tapping screws!  Simply switch the light on, slip into your stand to watch the show and kill something tasty!  Add our optional 200 yard wireless remote control to start customizing when your budget allows.  Creatures of the night beware! PATENTS PENDING